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The Cubeler™ Business Hub

A universe of opportunities

The Cubeler™ Business Hub aims to empower every SME entrepreneur to take their business to new heights and in so doing, positively impact local economies around the world.

Our ever-evolving ecosystem

From China to Canada and the world

A global ecosystem of Business Hubs

Connecting SME entrepreneurs locally

And globally

An AI-powered network of SME owners and executives.

Business Hub

Working at the intersection of AI and analytics, the Cubeler™ Business Hub helps create powerful connection among SME execs across industries and regions.

Comprised of a subset of country-specific networks, the Cubeler™ Business Hub is a continuously expanding global network designed to help SME owners and execs around the world connect with one another and take their businesses to new levels

Local entrepreneurs, business owners and SME business executives can sign up for free to:

Pre qualified loans and Finance icon

Receive Pre-qualified Loan and Credit Offers

  • Matched with financial institutions based on analytics and AI
  • Various pre-qualified offers from banks, credit unions and other commercial lending institutions
  • Compare rates, repayment terms to save on financing costs
  • No obligations
SME advertise through Megaphone icon

Advertise Their Products and Services

  • Promote products and services locally, nationally or globally
  • Specifically target potential clients by industry, geography and a host of other variables
  • Promote specific sales and special events or create general awareness
  • Set ad campaigns based on impressions, clicks or duration of time
SME and Investors Networking icon

Network with Other Business Owners and Execs Locally or Globally

  • Connect and take a conversation private
  • Find the right suppliers and distribution partners
  • Explore expansion opportunities locally or internationally
  • Sell or acquire a business
  • Post questions on message boards and get answers
Market Intelligence icon

Access Unique Market Intelligence Reports and Insights

  • Get unique insights on industry trends and analysis
  • Compare business performance to others in the same industry or similar industries
  • Get personalized insights on how to improve business performance
  • Submit potential survey questions
  • Stay ahead of the competition
SME and Investor News Content icon

Access Relevant and Timely Business Content

  • Start every day with relevant business content gathered from sources around the web or uniquely created for Tenet
  • Adjust settings for even greater content personalization
  • Stay informed on regulations affecting businesses locally and globally
  • Stay informed on all levels of government support programs for SME
Problem Solvers icon

Cut Their Imaginations Loose

  • Test the boundaries of what it means to be a SME entrepreneur!

The Origins of the Business Hub

Launched in China in 2018, the Business Hub first started by using AI and analytics to match lenders with borrowers to provide easy access to credit and purchase order financing solutions to factories and raw material suppliers.

Evolution of the Business Hub in China

Over time, several features were added to provide value-added services to clients in various industries.

Photo of suppliers

From facilitating loans and credit to factories and material suppliers…

Photo of a retailer

To connecting SME retailers to distributors…

Photo of working man

To brokering the distribution of insurance policies…

Photo of clean energy setup

And facilitating national clean energy projects.

What began as a lending platform in 2018, today is a powerful business ecosystem connecting and providing services to clients ranging from SMEs to banks and insurance companies.

Leading the way

To us, being a pioneer means not being afraid to think of new and better ways to do things.

With the creation of our Business Hub, we’ve introduced a new way for SMEs around the world to do business. A way that removes the limits of what they might have thought was possible.

That’s what we call limitless vision.

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