Using AI to help SMEs reach new heights!

Our Vision

Use the power of AI, analytics and online networking to connect small businesses around the world and create one giant local economy to forever change what it means to be an SME.


A trajectory marked by stellar breakthroughs.

March 2021

New partnership

Partnership agreement with ShopEx

July 2021

Skyrocketing growth

Closing short form prospectus financing CAD $52 million

August 2021

New Cubeler Engine capability

Acquisition of AI and Analytics Company, Cubeler Inc

September 2021

New Cubeler Engine capability

Acquisition of Huayan Kun Tai Technology (“Heartbeat” platform)

November 2021

Skyrocketing growth

Peak rebrands as “Tenet Fintech Group”

Our Mission

Create an AI-powered network to provide all SME entrepreneurs with the tools, resources and services they need to take their businesses to new heights and new markets.

tenet leadership

Limitless is:

  • Thinking ahead of the curve
  • Breaking through limits
  • Leading with passion
  • Empowering our members to succeed

Meet the excitement drivers leading Tenet’s limitless vision.

Johnson Joseph, MBA


Tenet’s President and CEO since 2011, Johnson has previously spent eight years in the financial services industry as an advisor with Investors Group—one of Canada’s largest mutual fund and asset management companies. He holds an MBA in Information Technology from HEC Montreal and a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Texas Tech University.

Our philosophy of putting people first is what drives us to do everything we can to help SME entrepreneurs realize their dreams.