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Tenet Online Purchase Product Distribution Program Now Processing and Delivering Over 3,000 Daily Orders in China

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - October 16, 2023) - Tenet Fintech Group Inc. (CSE: PKK) (OTC PINK: PKKFF) ("Tenet" or the "Company"), an innovative analytics service provider and operator of the Cubeler® Business Hub, today announced that its program launched in October 2022, with the objective of bringing better distribution and delivery efficiency to online consumer goods retailers and distributors in China, is now processing over 3,000 orders per day.

The program, launched in partnership with Fast Duck Logistics Ltd. ("Fast Duck") in the city of Chengdu, leverages existing third-party retail outlets throughout the city and essentially converts them into micro distribution hubs for participating online retailers. Thanks to the Fast Duck Supply-chain Management software and through Fast Duck's partnership with e-commerce portals like JD.COM, select online orders placed on the e-commerce portals are rerouted for fulfilment at the third-party retail outlets where limited product inventories are kept for delivery by Fast Duck. The entire process is managed through the Fast Duck Supply-chain Management software, which was developed by and belongs to Tenet. The software is now a sub-module of Tenet's Gold River platform, which itself is a subset of the Cubeler® Business Hub.

Approximately 277,000 orders, containing over 460,000 parcels, were processed through the program during the third quarter of 2023. After a successful debut in Chengdu in the fall of 2022, the Company and Fast Duck expanded their logistics and delivery services to Beijing, Sichuan, Mianyang, Guangzhou, Guangdong and Shanghai. The Company is planning to service every major city and region in China by the end of 2025.

"Imagine being a small local retailer and suddenly having a network of local distribution centers throughout the country and the logistical power to deliver products ordered on your online store within twenty-four hours of when the orders were placed, or even the same day in some cases," commented Liang Qiu, CEO of Tenet's Chinese operations. "That's exactly what we are bringing to the table with this program. While we will continue to work with Fast Duck as a delivery partner, we also plan on working with other delivery service providers for quicker expansion across the country, for greater delivery efficiency and to eventually be able to handle a greater variety of goods, similar to how the restaurant industry has partnered with ride-sharing service providers to quickly deliver meals to their clients. We couldn't be more pleased with how the program has turned out so far. Everything we've been doing in China for the past three years has been with a view of helping SMEs prosper, and not just those located in China. We've made it clear that one of our objectives through the Cubeler® Business Hub is to allow SMEs around the world to sell their products globally. We believe that the success of this program shows our ability to provide SMEs with the logistical support needed to sell and distribute their products in the world's second largest economy. We still have a few things to iron out before we can offer access to the Chinese market to Canadian Cubeler® Business Hub members, but an important part of the work to get there has now been accomplished," concluded Mr. Qiu.

In addition to using the program to eventually provide Canadian SMEs access to the Chinese market, Tenet is planning on replicating the program first in Canada, then eventually wherever the Cubeler® Business Hub operates to provide similar product delivery efficiency to Cubeler® Business Hub members in their local markets.

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